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We specialize in complete home and apartment remodels, with a specific focus on bathroom and kitchen renovations. Additionally, we offer general plumbing services such as hot water heater installations and more.


We transform outdated homes with elegant renovations, solving common contractor frustrations.


Our design-build approach ensures seamless protection and craftsmanship, unlike standard remodeling contractors.


Experience traditional quality, meticulous attention to detail, and superior organization with every project.

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Does your home feel outdated, lacking style and function? We can help. Our team tackles frustrations and creates lasting value. Let’s transform your space into a beautiful oasis. From modern kitchens to luxurious baths, we collaborate to bring your vision to life. With over two decades of experience, we offer comprehensive general contractor services. Our range includes water heaters, plumbing repairs, dry rot repairs, electrical work by electricians, painting, drywall installation, flooring, and more. We specialize in home and apartment turn overs, bathroom and kitchen remodels, tenant or owner improvements, and exterior repair. Serving Rio Linda and surrounding areas including Sacramento, Roseville, Citrus Heights, Antelope, Carmichael, Rocklin. Avoid contractor nightmares by choosing us as your design-build company. Start turning your dreams into reality by texting or calling us today!

Our General Contractor license Number is 1086205

General Contractor Services in Rio Linda

We’ve been transforming homes into satisfying spaces for relaxation and comfort in the city of Rio Linda and nearby areas like Sacramento, Roseville, Citrus Heights, Antelope, Carmichael, and Rocklin. Our handymen are experienced in the art and techniques of home restoration and renovation. Services we provide:

Home Remodeling in Rio Linda, CA

You might not want to focus on a particular space in your home and want to remodel the entire home. As general contractors, your need is within the scope of what we do. Our handymen in home remodeling services perform each project to your unique tastes and requirements.

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Kitchen Remodeling Service in Rio Linda, CA

With our kitchen remodeling services, you can get your kitchen (with all appliances in it) functioning properly yet stylishly. From custom cabinetry to modern appliances, we can reshape your kitchen to suit your style perfectly.

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Bathroom Remodeling Service in Rio Linda, CA

With our bathroom remodeling services, you can create a luxurious feel in your bathroom. Whether you need your bathroom transformed into a spa-like retreat or a practical space for your family, our handypeople are the best fit. We deliver problem-free results and pay rapt attention to the small things.

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Shower Installation Service in Rio Linda, CA

New showers improve both functionality and style and make bathing seamless and classy. Our handypeople handle shower installation, from taking your requirements to the final delightful results. Experience new, sparkling, and functional showers.

Plumbing Service in Rio Linda CA

Plumbing Service in Rio Linda, CA

From fixing minor leaks to overhauling interior plumbing systems, our handymen provide outstanding results you can count on. We offer emergency plumbing services and full plumbing installation projects.

Home Electrician Services in Rio Linda, CA

If you are in the city of Rio Linda or nearby, then you are within the reach of our licensed electricians. Our electricians are properly equipped to handle all your electrical needs. Our approach ensures that we deliver top-notch service while ensuring safety. From lighting installations to major electrical repairs, you are guaranteed excellent service.

Commercial Remodelling Services in Rio Linda, CA

Get a commercial space that’s welcoming to customers and more business revenue. Our commercial remodeling services offer a more comprehensive solution, from minor changes to major structural renovations. Create better working environments and make your business thrive.

Contact MLM contracting to transform your vision into reality.

Contact MLM contracting to transform your vision into reality.

Our customer service staff and building professionals are here to make sure you have the exact kitchen or bathroom you want for less. Whether you’re performing a complete renovation of your kitchen, or you need something as simple as a new bathtub or sink fixture, we have the products and expertise to help make the experience affordable and rewarding.

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Home and Apartment Remodeling Experts

We offer expert assistance in remodeling kitchens and bathrooms for homes and apartments. From planning to the final result, we ensure your satisfaction. Just give us a call to start your remodeling project.

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The Right Contractor, the Right Price – Quality Guaranteed

Get the kitchen or bathroom you deserve without breaking the bank. Our experts deliver:

  • Top-notch customer service
  • Complete renovations or simple upgrades
  • Beautiful results at affordable prices

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Commercial Remodeling Service

Commercial remodeling services are essential for businesses looking to renovate or upgrade their commercial space. Our services include everything from minor cosmetic changes to major structural renovations. With our team of experts, you can transform your commercial space into a more functional, attractive, and efficient environment that enhances productivity and appeals to customers.

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Designing a new kitchen or bathroom can be exciting, but it can turn into a nightmare without experienced professionals. Contact us today for expert guidance on your remodeling needs. Our experts will help you bring your vision to life, from material selection to layout creation. Relax and enjoy the journey towards achieving your perfect space.

What is a General Contractor?

A general contractor is your construction project quarterback. They manage every detail – hiring experts, securing permits, and ensuring your project finishes on time and on budget.

What do General Contractors Do?

Subcontractors are the specialists your general contractor brings in for tasks like electrical, plumbing, and roofing. They provide focused expertise to get your project done right.

Top-Rated General Contractors Near You

We’re the trusted choice for all your home improvement needs. Our licensed experts deliver:

  • Stunning renovations and remodels
  • New construction built to last
  • Unmatched quality and customer service

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